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Our Exposed Aggregate Driveways Services:

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed Aggregate Driveways look amazing for driveways and are great non slip surface for any slope... Read MoreExposed Aggregate Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways are a beautiful way to welcome people to your home. We can concrete all... Read MoreConcrete Driveways

Pool Surrounds and Decorative Borders

Pool Surrounds and Decorative Borders

Pool surrounds look and work fantastic for pool areas. Not only does exposed aggregate look amazing,... Read MorePool Surrounds and Decorative Borders

Exposed Steps

Exposed Steps

We are experts in forming and concreting exposed steps. They require precision form work and finishing,... Read MoreExposed Steps

Great Applications For Exposed Aggregate :

Exposed Aggregate is the leading form of concrete being used for decorative paving and external applications. Its great aesthetic attributes and durable nature explain its gain in popularity over the years. Others uses include:


Exposed Aggregate Driveways is by far the most appealing, durable and aesthetic pleasing concrete for driveways.

Steps and Landings

It looks great in steps and landings for surrounding your house or dwelling. Form work can used to build just about any size set of steps, which look great!

Foot paths and tracks

Typically used for around houses or council parks, exposed aggregate looks great. We can form out just about any shape paths and for aslong as needed.

Flooring & internal concrete floors

Concrete polished floors are an amazing edition to any house or building. The most popular choice for this type of polished or honed floor is exposed aggregate. We have an extensive range of mixes ideal for this type of application.

Concrete Furniture

Exposed Aggregate has had an increased interest in furniture. It looks great in tables and bench tops especially once honed or polished.

Durable and long lasting

Exposed Aggregate mixes have come along way over the years and are just as strong structural for driveways applications as any other concrete. So you can build your driveway with confidence!

Who we are?

We have combined over 20 years experience in all things concrete. When it comes to exposed aggregate driveways, we believe we are the best in the business . Dont take our word for it, please ask us for our referrals and past jobs and you can see our great work.

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