Pool surrounds look and work fantastic for pool areas.

Not only does exposed aggregate look amazing, but the rough finish also provides a great non-slip surface for wet areas.

Please get in touch with to get ideas and advice when concreting your outdoor pool area. With pools and intricate exposed jobs, please ensure you provide clear instruction on what the jobs is. We specialize in smaller types of jobs that require an extra level of detail.

Typically as the pools are in the backyard, with bobcat and excavation costs already being incorporated. Its probably best you do other concrete works if its in future sights. Doing small jobs to demand a higher SQM because of set costs etc, so it is advised that you take advantage and do the lot in one go.

For inspiration and ideas with these types of jobs, take a look on the internet, magazines and feel free to show us on arrival when we inspect and quote the job. Its always easier when the customer has a clear understanding on what the jobs is.