The snake shape is seen in many architectural structures. It can provide strength as in snake-shaped walls, it can allow the façade of a building to extend in many directions or it can be chosen for purely aesthetic reasons. At the University of Virginia, snake-shaped walls (wrinkled curved walls) extend the length of the main... Read MoreSnake Shaped form

The surface of the exposed aggregate slab can be wiped away once it has built up for 3-6 hours. If the garden hose is scrubbed early enough, it can be utilized, but a lot of water is wasted. A pressure washer with a modest flow volume is excellent with optimal scheduling. Learn Exposed Concrete Steps Service... Read MoreHow long should you wait to wash exposed aggregate concrete?

Before making a decision, conduct cost study. The average cost of standard brick pavers is $29.00 per square metre. The price of our exposed aggregate driveway pavers starts at $49.95 per square metre. Learn Concrete Driveways Service Information. A beautiful stencilled concrete driveway may cost between $100 and $150 every square meter of exposed aggregate... Read MoreIs Exposed aggregate cheaper than pavers?