For most households, exposed aggregate is preferred. You may use it as the surface for your pool deck, patio, and walkway since it is slip resistant. Because of its resistance to heavy goods, it is also an excellent alternative for people looking to improve the appearance of their driveway. Learn Pool Surrounds And Decorative Borders Information Read MoreIs Exposed aggregate concrete worth it?

To remove oil stains, use a high-pressure washer with hot water and a commercial-grade degreaser. The hot water will assist lift the oil from the surface, and the degreaser will emulsify the stain and make it easier to remove. Learn Exposed Aggregate Driveways Service Information! Tire marks can be cleaned using exposed aggregate cleaners before... Read MoreHow do you clean exposed aggregate?

It complements a wide range of landscapes and is often less expensive than stamped concrete, particularly for bigger projects. It has a non-skid texture, is robust, and can withstand adverse weather conditions, with minimal care required other than resealing and annual cleaning. Check Exposed Aggregate Driveways Service Info Read MoreIs Exposed aggregate cheaper than stamped concrete?