In the construction industry, concrete is considered the best material in the construction of driveways. This is because they are very tough and durable with very little maintenance. 

Commercial and residential construction depend heavily on concrete for the construction of driveways. 

Concrete Driveways Installation Procedure

  • Clear the grass and vegetation and make sure you have a stable soil foundation
  • Installation of wood forms when the driveway is intended to take place.
  • Add gravel of at least 4 inches thick and compact
  • Add reinforced materials like a steel wire grid and rebar on top of the compacted gravel base
  • The prepared base is now ready for concrete pouring
  • Floating the concrete, curing and control joints process takes centre stage

Concrete Driveway Advantages

When using concrete for your driveway, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Cost

Concrete is affordable in terms of longevity. Once it is installed you will only repair it once in a while and after many years of service. 

  • Low and little maintenance cost

To maintain a structure or slab can be very costly, but concrete maintenance is very little when installed properly. This will save you money and time. You will not see any presence of weeds on paved areas even after years of service.

  • Concrete is Durable

When concrete is installed the correct way and given a strong base it will be exceedingly durable. Concrete can withstand wear and tear. Even after the heavy traffic of weight and loads it still will not wear off. 

  • Concrete can be Customized

With concrete, you can get any shape, pattern and texture to your taste. You will also have a wide variety of colour palettes to choose from.

  • Quality Finish

There are quality finishes that compliment concrete. This means concrete can be polished to give that final glossy professional finish. This can be achieved both with plain concrete or exposed aggregate concrete finish. 

Concrete Driveway Disadvantages

  • Difficult to Repair

Concrete can be difficult to repair as compared to pavers. The concrete repair will require the removal of the whole damaged area and replacing it again. This makes it a difficult task that will require skilled labour.

  • Concrete Cracks Over Time

One of the challenges concrete faces is cracks. Cracks can make concrete lose its tensile strength.

To avoid such cracks it is advisable to install concrete driveways with skilled labour and follow the steps to the last code. 

The correct materials and reinforcements should be followed to avoid future cracks from concrete.

  • Stains 

You can stain like oil and tyre marks from automobiles which are very difficult to clean. Some of them will need specific cleaning agents to wipe out.

  • Professional installation

Concrete is not easy to DIY friendly when it comes to large scale projects. It will require professionals to install which makes it a costly project. 

Concrete Preview

Many people mistake concrete for cement, but the truth is that cement is one of the component materials that make up concrete.

Installation of concrete may seem an easy task but in reality, it’s a procedure that requires a skilled task force.

Concrete can dry very fast, this means time is an element in concrete pouring and proper calculation should be taken so that it does not dry before the surface is finished. 

Concrete driveway maintenance is not virtually free as people think. With proper finish and additional concrete sealers, the driveway will last long.


A properly installed concrete driveway is estimated to last for about 25 to 50years. They can be incorporated with sealers, decorative arrays and glossy finish to spruce up your home.

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