It’s the dream of every homeowner to have a paved driveway installed on his or her property.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking forward to selling your property or not. With or without a driveway, your home has value.

But you don’t have to be an investor to feel the need to own a home with the greatest value.

How well the property is kept, is the main factor that determines the amount of value.

Tips to Help You Increase the Value

Below are some ideas to help you increase the value of your property, you can add;

  • An extra bathroom
  • An office
  • A balcony
  • A modern kitchen
  • A furnished basement
  • A driveway

An addition of a driveway to your property will significantly increase the value and the curb appeal.

Driveways Increase the Curb Appeal

A curb appeal is the noticeable attractiveness and elegance of your home or property from a distance

This is the first impression that someone gets once he lays his days on your property.

An increased curb appeal means an added value to the property. Unlike a property with a banged and degrading driveway, a beautiful and well-maintained one will always fascinate potential buyers.

A home that has a substandard driveway may attract buyers who will have a good reason to submit a lower bid.

Driveways should always appear charming and inviting. Asphalt provides your home with an attractive yet pocket-friendly driveway for residential homes.

Reasons Why You Should Go for Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is the best option for your driveway because it is very affordable.

It can cost four to six dollars per square foot.  concrete, on the other hand, can cost up to ten dollars per square foot.

Even though Gravel is by far the most inexpensive material, it doesn’t add any significant value to your property.

Advantages of Asphalt Driveways

  • They are affordable
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Asphalt is durable, if properly installed, it can last more than 40 years
  • They look attractive and welcoming
  • They are easy to exploit
  • These types of driveways are weather resistant

The ability of asphalt to flex, allows it to expand and contract. This feature allows it to maintain its integrity for many years.

Unlike concrete, asphalt driveway does not crack during winter. They are the best option for snowy and icy areas because snow and ice melt easily on asphalt.

Besides, rock salts don’t have any impact on asphalt driveways.

Know the Added Value to a Property

Paving driveways has over the years proven to be a good and worth tiring investment. It adds a large amount of value to properties.

Depending on the condition and the size of your property, a paved driveway can increase its value by more than eight thousand bucks.

Aspects to Consider Before You Pave Your Driveway

  • Consider the market condition
  • Does a background check to identify which material will increase the value of your property?
  • Don’t forget about the weather conditions
  • Always check your surroundings, if the neighborhood is full of paved driveways, don’t be left out
  • And if they are no paved ones, then pave yours

Up to You

Paving your driveway with either asphalt or concrete will significantly increase the value of your property.

Experts advise, even though expensive, it’s wise to repair your paved driveway before you sell your property.

A recent driveway will attract homebuyers more than a degraded one.

The value added to your property will depend on the integrity of the work done. Availability of a paved driveway and the neighboring surroundings.

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